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Learn to replace your negative thinking with positive thoughts using EFT

This is a quote by Dr Bruce Lipton “ . . . research suggests that the subconscious mind is built on habituation. It learns from patterns and repetition of patterns. By accessing that invisible field, you can rewrite those habits. The million-dollar question is, how?"

Dr. Lipton suggests a variety of ways including Buddhist mindfulness, affirmations or through a process referred to as an energy psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a technique which can replace the negative programming occupying your subconscious mind with a more positive outlook.

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Commonly known as tapping, EFT is a self help tool designed to give relief from distressing emotional and physical conditions.  

EFT creates deep and lasting inner Change 

And you can apply EFT to anything, from a daily vibrational tune-up to the more intense emotional feelings. 

Shift your energy

 EFT helps to shift the stuck negative energy within, promoting a natural return to joy and happiness.

Change your emotions

Emotions shape our thoughts, which form our beliefs, positive or negative. Using EFT to dispel the negative energy behind unwanted emotions will change the direction of your life. 

Release negativity

Tapping on uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and emotions creates release, allowing more energy and emotional availability for those truly important people in your life.

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Reduce emissions

Not only is an online session a great way to help reduce emissions which help the planet, you have the privacy of staying in your own home!

Range of services

Gives you a bigger choice in who you work with because you're not limited to your local area, and that makes it so exciting!

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