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Discover how you can clear self sabotage using EFT

One of the best techniques to eliminate self sabotage, is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Self sabotage can be any behaviour which stops you achieving your goals. It’s unconscious, you’re not even aware it’s happening.

For instance, you’re encouraged to apply for a higher position but up comes a perfectly good reason for not doing so.

Self-sabotage. It’s a way of protecting yourself from perceived emotional pain and it’s how you’ve survived until now.

Self sabotage keeps you safe.  Question is, does it still work for you?

Chances are, NO!

All those missed opportunities, when you wanted desperately to say Yes but chose No instead? You had good reason. Unconsciously, it was the safer option.

I know because self sabotage played a big part in my life, and I had NO idea that’s what I was doing.

And though it may have been useful in the past, it’s not useful now.

The reasons we used it are gone. They’re just an energetic memory in our body.

Tapping on self sabotage

The source of self sabotage lies in the negative energy stuck in your body. Tapping on that energy using EFT, produces amazing results.

This is what makes EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) so powerful!

It takes time and work (doing the tapping) but please, get free of your past, it has NO place in your life now.

It’s safe to change, it’s inevitable that we change, or we’ll stagnate.

This YouTube video by Brad Yates is on self sabotage, and you can tap along with him. Self Sabotage is self love.

And should you decide you want someone to help you to do this work, please, contact me here!


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